We Act.

We act so that our world is driven by and from communities, that it develops a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, and that it is governed through partnerships and proximity.

Human Mobility

  1. We act for moving from border-centred approaches to a people-centred and equality-driven vision of citizenship
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Local Generation Equality.

We act to put care, equality, proximity, solidarity and peace at the centre, for thriving communities and ecological systems

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Governance Renewal.

We Act for a governance renewal where local and regional governments are empowered to respond to crises and emergencies by fully embedding social justice and equity in democratic and multilevel governance mechanisms.

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Resilient Cities and Regions.

We Act towards ensuring inclusive, safe, sustainable and resilient cities and regions

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Human Rights.

We act to place human rights at the centre as we reaffirm our commitment to citizenship, suffrage, dignity, decent work, social identity and freedom.

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Cultural Rights.

We act because vital democracies, caring societies and sustainability of cities and communities cannot be achieved unless the cultural dimension of development is explicit and operational.

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Local Democracy.

We act in defence of local democracy, in the promotion of good practices in participatory governance and in the co-creation of policies and we defend that local and regional governments have a key role in multilevel governance.

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Ecological Transition.

We Act because it is urgent to foster a radical change in the building of sustainable, equitable and resilient cities –where Biodiversity and Nature are at the centre of addressing Climate change.

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Local Finances.

We act for locally-driven, inclusive, sustainable and climate-resilient investments in public services and infrastructure

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