The 3rd International Conference of the Malaga Global Coalition for Municipal Finance, entitled “Accelerating Progress Towards a Financial Ecosystem That Works for Local and Regional Governments”,will be held on 5-6 October 2023 under the lead of UCLG and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), with the support of the Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV) and hosted by the Municipality of Malaga.

Please note that the full programme of the 3rd Malaga Conference is now available here.

By bringing together local and regional elected representatives, government ministers, development banks, capital market authorities and commercial banks, this Conference will unpack how the international financial architecture can be adapted to better include local and regional governments at the decision-making table and in locally-designed solutions. The Malaga Coalition policy agenda is proposed as a concrete path to developing the required financial ecosystem.

Through dedicated roundtable discussions, concrete solutions put forward by different types of actors will be showcased, to underline the need to localize financing for continued and universal access to basic public services, as well as for the development of sustainable infrastructure for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Special guests will be convened to discuss innovative financing mechanisms, including the public use that is made of the World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment (SNG-WOFI).


The 22nd Conference of the IOPD Participatory Democracy for Diverse, Inclusive and Transparent Cities, will bring together in Rio de Janeiro mayors, councilors, municipal staff, experts, activists and committed citizens from November 6 to 8 to exchange experiences and think about transformative actions.

To define the program for this meeting, the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro and the IOPD secretariat launch this call for proposals so that you can be part of this event.

This call for proposals is dedicated to organizing workshops or other activities and presenting experiences related to participatory and deliberative democracy, urban planning and community engagement.

You can contact the organizing team directly at [email protected]

We are also pleased to announce the dates of the 23rd IOPD Conference to be held in the city of Valongo, in Portugal, from October 17 to 19, 2024.


The Summit will emphasise that culture is an integral part of sustainable cities, and promote the sharing of experiences and innovations from cities across the world. The programme of the Summit will ensure that special attention will be paid to the relation between cultural policies and the climate emergency, the connection between culture and gender equality; as well as the role that cultural rights play in addressing the growing inequalities in our societies. The Summit will discuss the “Culture Goal” proposal, championed by the #culture2030goal global campaign, and included in the final declaration of UNESCO’s Mondiacult 2022 Conference held in Mexico City on last 28-30 September 2022.

Dublin is the perfect host of the Summit. Dublin has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to being an active and visible part of a global movement working to ensure human rights, cultural diversity, sustainability and participatory democracy, placing culture at the heart of development. For Dublin to host this Summit will be a major boost for all those involved in cultural work and local government across the city, not only to feel part of a worldwide movement but in creating a lasting legacy for citizens and local partners. It will give international visibility to the city and offer the possibility for participants to discover the cultural assets of the city.



Read the background document here and the full Press Release here.

Read the speech delivered by Dublin’s Councillor Cat O’Driscoll at the 2023 UCLG Retreat & Campus here.