We Care.
Pact for Planet.

We care about the planet by developing a harmonic relation between humanity and nature that protects ecology and our life systems.

Our Vision

We move towards a future where we transform our relationship with the planet by caring for it. A future where we ensure the protection of our biodiversity, our oceans, our air and our land, beyond focusing on the resources that we need. Caring for the planet is only possible by transforming the way we organize our consumption and production patterns, and delivering on ambitious commitments towards sustainability, resilience and net zero emissions. As renewed threats unfold, both planetarian and social, we must rise to the task of leading an ecological transformation that has local and territorial action at the heart of it.

Our Pledge

To go beyond the ecological transition and towards ecological transformation.

To ensure that the measures that need to be taken to address climate change are maintained as we enter the recovery, and towards the better normal.

To ensure that measures to reinvigorate the economy do not undermine legitimate environmental concerns.

To deliver a worldwide green deal, taken with the inputs of our communities, and that considers our territories as the ideal sphere for transformation.

To transform our relationship with the ecosystem by becoming a movement of mayors not only of our communities, but also of our territories and of nature.

Our Undertakings

Ecological Transformation

UCLG promotes a transformation in the perception of our life systems to develop and mainstream a harmonic relation between humanity and nature. To carry out a true ecological transformation, cities and territories need to look at the planet not only from a natural perspective but also from a social perspective. This calls for looking systemically at how we interact with the planet, and to explore and develop an urban-rural system of intermediary, large and small cities that are linked with the territories. Only then will we carry out the necessary action to curb the climate emergency, protect the global commons and ensure decent and sustainable livelihoods for present and future generations.


Food Systems

The world faces the defining challenge of improving food systems and guaranteeing healthy and nutritious food for all, especially in the aftermath of the crises stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Food production and distribution must be part of an integrated approach linking the right to food, local public service provision, and the governance of local and regional governments as crucial actors in the decision-making process around food systems that guarantee social inclusion, sustainability, and prosperity. Ensuring that citizens are not seen as mere consumers.

Race to Resilience

Resilience goes beyond disasters and hard infrastructure. It also means resilience to social shocks —inequalities, pandemics, humanitarian crises, the social, ecological, governance and economic aspects of resilience—. UCLG improves local resilience through advocacy, sharing knowledge and experiences, establishing mutually reinforcing city-to-city learning networks, injecting technical expertise, connecting multiple layers of government, and building partnerships.

Race to Zero

As the global climate emergency called us on keeping global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels, UCLG rallies leadership and support from cities, territories, businesses and civil society to promote a shift towards a decarbonized economy that prevents future threats, creates decent jobs, protects heritage, and unlocks inclusive and sustainable growth.

Sustainable Tourism

Our perspectives on tourism and how it relates to our systems needs to change, even more so after the pandemic. We need to re-address how we experience tourism beyond a mass phenomenon, as a sustainable tool for economic recovery and social cohesion of our cities and regions. The future of tourism needs to be aligned with the ecological transformation and the universal development agendas and balancing economic growth, the needs of our planet, and public priorities.

Public Transport

The role of public transport and mobility services in achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change has become crucial. They also create the ground for a more sustainable use of the land and to revert health effects of transport emissions. Local and regional governments have always pioneered in developing sustainable transport. They facilitate smooth, efficient and smart transport to provide better public services to all, and identify it as a critical basic service to protect our planet and ensure a better world for our communities

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