We Care.
Pact for People.

We care for people by bringing a new, feminist way of politics based on local service provision.

Our Vision

We are moving forward to transform the social contract by developing caring societies based on the provision of local services. We are moving forward towards a new feminist way of doing politics —one that, through empathy and solidarity, fosters social justice and equality as the indispensable building blocks of any just, sustainable and thriving society—. We are moving forward to protect and convey the wellbeing and aspirations of present and future generations, defend the rights of our communities, and leave no one and no place behind.

Our Pledge

To put care at the center of our efforts moving from equality to a new, feminist, way of going about politics: caring for our communities, and they care for those who are caring for us.

To address how our cities, our territories, are going to be planned for the future.

To rethink what role public space will play in including all people, and also in the future of physical, digital and social environments.

To adopting people-centered planning will we be able to foster solidarity, well-being and dignity for cities and territories for all.

To shift the narrative around migration and deliver a world that considers all humans, all neighbours.

To highlight the important role that culture plays in the wellbeing of our communities, supporting cultural rights and heritage now and towards the future.

Our Undertakings

Human Mobility

For local and regional governments, migration and displacement are more than an issue of borders. Beyond trends of workforce concentration, rapid urbanization and growing territorial imbalances, a variety of interrelated factors expose growing parts of the population to move in extremely harsh conditions. In the context of a growing but insufficient recognition of the role of local governments in the global governance of migration and displacement, UCLG has taken the responsibility to shape a renewed universal commitment on migration and displacement. One that fully represents our shared values and portrays our diversity while building on our transformative strength as a network. UCLG has launched an initial draft of a global charter, the Lampedusa Charter, that puts forward the vision, commitments and calls of our constituency in relation to all forms of human mobility.

New Generation of Human Rights

Building on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is clear that the challenges of the coming years call on us to assess the new essentials and new rights to promote a form of development that is sustainable, equitable, inclusive and respectful of human rights for all. UCLG works to advance and reinforce the human rights city movement worldwide through the renewal of the Global Charter.

Local Generation Equality

As an equality-driven movement, UCLG co-leads a coalition of feminist movements and leaderships that advocates for gender equality, women in decision making positions, and feminist leaderships – a new way to do politics based on empathy that fosters social justice and equality and galvanize a culture of peace in all its dimensions. The transformative role of the global municipal feminist movement will contribute to conceive equally empowered women and feminist leaders, women and men alike, as an integral part of the solution to the many global and local challenges we face; from health to climate, economy, or fundamental human rights.

Culture and Cultural Rights

Culture is a core component of local and regional identity, a strand of global solidarity, and a vector for peace and human rights. UCLG is oriented to foster public policies that guarantee the role of culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development and promote cultural rights for all. To contribute to addressing the main challenges of our times by enhancing education, active participation, critical citizenship, gender equality, linguistic diversity, and the empowerment of indigenous peoples to advance the role of memory, heritage, creativity, diversity and knowledge.

Universal Health for all

Health in our cities is an integral part of their wellbeing in our territories. UCLG is committed to fostering a comprehensive understanding of it, going beyond healthcare, through the promotion of equal access to health services and universal vaccination, the involvement of local and regional governments, and an ecosystem of basic services that allows equal access to safe, green public spaces that can sustain health services.