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IOPD Annual Conference on Local Democracy

The International Observatory on Participatory Democracy, part of the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments, organizes each year a global conference on the state of local democracy, focusing on a specific theme. This meeting brings together local leaders, representatives of local and regional governments together with experts and members of civil society to share experiences and advance the agenda for local democracy.

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Award Best Practice in Citizen Participation

This is an annual award with which the International Observatory on Participatory Democracy IOPD and UCLG aims to acknowledge democratic innovations that have been developed at the local and regional level. This award, which has been presented since 2006, recognizes good practices and identifies and disseminates local experiences that deepen and improve local and regional democracy.

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Global Democracy Coalition Coalition

The Global Democracy Coalition was formed in October of 2021, convened by International IDEA and other democracy and democracy assistance organizations from around the world. The goal was to create an informal group of organizations committed to the advancement of democracy, working together to engage constructively with the Summit for Democracy.

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