UNISDR promotes session on access to Risk Information at Rabat


We are pleased to inform you that UNISDR will be holding a side-event on October 2nd from 11:00-13:00 addressing the topic: “Access to Risk Information for Citizens, Local Governments and Partners”. The side event will address issues and challenges of disaster risk reduction as they pertain to local governments, including concrete examples from practice.

Location: National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST),   Auditorium 2
Address: Angle de l’avenue des FAR, Avenue Allal El Fassi, Quartier Hay Riad, BP 8027 Nations Unies, 10102 Rabat.Ç

To attend this event you must write to [email protected] or register online at https://rabat2013.com/sideevents . Please also inform Ms. Claudia Schneider at [email protected] indicating name, function, and institution.

More info: UNISDR.org