UN Volunteers to start e-discussion on children & youngsters in Urban Areas


As part of UNV’s effort in the framework of the post-2015 process, UNV presents a concrete opportunity for civil society and youth in particular to speak up their voices.

Starting August 1, UNICEF, UN-Habitat, the Major Group for Children and Youth and UNV will be moderating an e-discussion on the theme “Children and Young People living in Urban Areas”. UNV would like to invite you to take part to the consultation by engaging your constituency in actively participate in the conversation.

This proposed e-discussion precedes “Urban inequalities and inequities in the post-2015 agenda, “a panel led by UNICEF and the Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights of the UCLG. The panel will be part of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, 4th UCLG Congress: Imagine Society, Build Democracy, which will take place in Rabat, Morocco, 1-4 October, 2013.

The conversation will focus on four sub topics:

  • Environmental challenges like climate change and natural disasters
  • Demographic migrations towards urban areas and access to services
  • Preventing and protecting from discrimination, abuse, violence, exploitation and trafficking, respect of the human rights of children, advance gender equality
  • Social cohesion and civic engagement  through local action

UNV will particularly follow the last week (19-29 August) focusing on identifying ways to leverage the potential, energy and creativity of young people as agents of change. The overarching question for this sub-strand will be:

  • As young people from different backgrounds live together in urban areas, sharing the public spaces as active citizens and agents of change, how can opportunities be increased for them to engage constructively and contribute to shaping their livelihoods and communities through local action?

UNV asks for powerful stories, reactions, lessons learned and challenges. Share your thoughts and proposed solutions and upload relevant audio-visual material. This online thematic consultation, will deepen the discussion on inequalities started in January.

A concept note of the discussion is downloadable here.

More information available at UN Volunteers website.