UCLG Statement on the attack on Ukraine


The local and regional governments of our World Movement send a message of solidarity and support to the Ukrainian and Russian citizens, and we commit to guaranteeing the human rights of the displaced and refugee populations by relocating as many people as possible.

Local and regional governments gathered together as United Cities and Local Governments express their shock and condemn the launch of military attacks on cities and regions throughout Ukraine. 

As local and regional leaders of the world, we call for all military actions to immediately stop, for troops to be called back and for respect of all international agreements. Above all, we condemn the attack on all innocent lives and livelihoods.

As local and regional governments we are committed to facilitate peace and democracy.

Therefore, as the broadest representation of city and local government diplomacy, we commit to ensuring that local governments, through all available governance mechanisms, will continue to constructively dialogue and work together in solidarity amongst all parties towards a diplomatic solution.  

We speak with one united voice when we say that nothing can justify war, the targeting of cities and the loss of innocent civilian lives. 

There should always be room for dialogue and we stand with all the peoples affected by the conflict as well as with our members in both countries whose communities will need to endure these military actions. We call on the international community to support the refugees and displaced individuals and commit to welcoming them within our individual capabilities.

As local leaders, we should strive for continued constructive dialogue between our communities as well as safeguarding their wellbeing.