UCLG Presidency sets a Decalogue for the COVID-19 aftermath


The UCLG network, its membership, secretariats and the community it represents has been living and working differently. As World Organization the day-to-day is dedicated to bringing useful tools and materials to the membership, inspiring them on how to address the needs of the communities in the worst of the pandemic. It is now also time to think of the future and set a roadmap for transformation in post COVID era. Local and regional governments are ready to lead that discussion and the UCLG Presidency has agreed on a Decalogue as the basis for future steps.

The Presidency meeting that took place on April 20 highlighted not just how the current crisis is modifying the ways in which we gather and exchange, but also the immense commitment of our Presidency to the network, and to set a frame for discussion on the future.  Nine members of the Presidency, including President and Mayor of Al-Hoceima Dr. Mohamed Boudra, Copresidents Uğur Ibrahim Altay, Mayor of Konya, Johnny Araya, Mayor of San José, Li Mingyuan, Mayor of Xi’an, Thembisile Nkadimeng, Mayor of Polokwane, President of SALGA; and Jan Van Zanen, Mayor of Utrecht, President of the Netherlands Association of Municipalities (VNG). Co-President of UCLG, and Treasurer Berry Vrbanovic Ada Colau were also present in the session.

Patrick Klugman, Deputy Mayor of Paris; and Evgenia Lodvigova, Deputy Mayor of Kazan, represented mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin. Representation from the Vice Presidency was also important, with Carola Gunnarsson, Mayor of Sala and incoming Vice-President of UCLG for Europe, Mohamed Saadieh, Mayor of Deirnbouh and Vice-President of UCLG for MEWA, Christian di Candia, Mayor of Montevideo and Vice-President of UCLG for Latin America, and Pablo Jurado, President of CONGOPE, and Vice-President of UCLG for the Forum of Regions gathering in the meeting.

The gathering addressed how cities, territories and their associations are dealing with the pandemic around the world, with members of the presidency sharing examples and visions. Despite the diverse realities the UCLG leadership expressed determined commitment to maintaining basic service provision, and ensuring equal access to them to their communities, paying special attention to the most vulnerable. The Presidency further agreed that the world will never be the same and that our constituency needs to be very involved in shaping the future.

As local and regional governments, we are demonstrating that we are key allies of the Ministries of Health who, along with scientists, remain the point of reference for action and solutions. We are demonstrating, not only as mayors, but also as a network of local governments, why local governments are key players in overcoming this crisis and shaping the models for the future.” Mohamed Boudra, President of UCLG

10 recommendations to change the world beyond the outbreak

The Decalogue for the post COVID-19 era is the political charter of UCLG in these times of crisis, building on the Durban Declaration and focusing on the commitment of local and regional governments to build a world of solidarity. The 10 actions highlighted in the decalogue aim to transform how the governance system interacts with communities by protecting those that need it the most, transforming the multilateral system, and ensuring that the sacrifices that we are undertaking do not become a burden for the communities of the future.

The decalogue highlights how the solidarity promoted by local and regional governments has become a beacon of security, and it should guide the transformations we need. Local and regional governments have demonstrated their capacity to act as promoters and guardians of this solidarity both nationally and internationally. It recalls the relevance of the Local 2030 principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular in these trying times, as a framework for the transformational measures that need to be implemented. It further calls for a renewed and stronger multilateral system and for financial measures that will ensure the sustainability of the service provision

[Read the Decalogue here]

Our collaboration with UN75 is now more relevant than ever, with the recommendations of the decalogue being an integral part of how local and regional leaders envision the future and thus contribute to the UN75 dialogue. A renewed multilateralism, a world that guarantees public service provision, that fosters proximity models of consumption and production, and an interurban system that builds on the force of cities and regions will be key to develop the next generation of multilateralism that our communities are calling for.  

Our recommendations incorporate the lessons learnt from mayors from all over the world throughout the Live Learning Experiences that have mobilized over 1000 participants in 3 weeks with over 90 cases and will be submitted for inputs to the rest of the networks during online discussions throughout the month of May. It will further serve as reference for the consultations on UN75.

“This Decalogue gathers our collective experience and vision and it is UCLG´s contribution to our constituencies efforts to answer the needs of the communities now and for future generations”.  Mohamed Boudra, President of UCLG