UCLG Presidency at the ASPAC Executive Bureau


The UCLG Asia-Pacific Executive Bureau that took place in Kovalam Beach, India, on 22-25 April 2011. The meeting focussing “People, places and opportunities towards sustainable Cities 2030” is an important step forward towards more active participation of Indian cities in UCLG.


Councillor Tansel Kaya presented the address of the Mayor of Istanbul and UCLG President to the gathering.  He paid tribute to the important advancement in membership that the ASPAC Regional Section of UCLG has experienced in the past years. The rapid urbanisation, growth and innovation that the region is undergoing have great local impacts that need to be faced by UCLG at global level in order to find the best solutions. These solutions are included in the international policy agenda of United Cities and Local Governments, the address underlined mobility, sustainable development and climate change, job creation and economic growth, innovation and participation of youth, as key topics to be addressed by local governments around the globe.


The address further recalled the principles and recommendations of the Manifesto for the City of 2030, adopted in Mexico in November 2010 with the world local and regional leaders, he expressed the need of shaping the future of local governance together.


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