UCLG pays tribute to Bernard Stasi, founder of Cités Unies France


Bernard Stasi, founder of Cités Unites France that he has chaired for thirty years, passed away in Paris on 4th May 2011. 

The members of UCLG express their heartfelt sadness and convey to his family and relatives their sincere condoleances. The contribution of Bernard Stasi to the development of decentralised cooperation was determining and he will remain as one of the greatest inspirator of the international action of local governements, as well as his role in the creation of UCLG.  His involvement on the ground as well as his ministerial engagements and national responsabilities in France never eclipsed from the importance of local authorities to his mind. 

UCLG addresses a special thought to his family, relatives and for all of those who have had the opportunity to appreaciate the man and his public action for local authorities. 

Read the message of Charles Josselin, President of Cités Unies France