UCLG joins the Global Democracy Coalition


United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) joins the Global Democracy Coalition to strengthen local democracy and multilevel governance in international democracy and amplify the voices of the closest sphere of government to the people.

The Global Democracy Coalition was formed in October of 2021, convened by International IDEA and other democracy assistance organizations from around the world. The goal of the Coalition was to create an informal group of organizations committed to the advancement of democracy, working together to engage constructively with the Summit for Democracy, in December 2021. Together, partner organizations decided to hold a Forum ahead of the first Summit. 

What started as an informal group working together to produce one Forum has evolved into a strategic multi-stakeholder alliance of democracy organizations from around the world committed to advance and protect democracy worldwide and to influence the Summits for Democracy and the Year of Action 2022. 

The Global Democracy Coalition provides a platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange and experience-sharing, and advocacy around the Summits for Democracy and potentially beyond. Working collectively on strategic issues relevant to the democracy agenda can contribute to making our individual voices stronger and more likely to be heard. 

UCLG is committed to amplifying the voices of local and regional governments within the Global Democracy Coalition Forum and to strengthening their role within decision making in all policy processes. It will contribute to the Coalition by defending the importance of local democracy in the promotion and renewal of democracy and governance at the global level, fostering dialogue and diplomacy among local and regional governments and other actors, and promoting open governance, accountability and transparency. It will further ensure coherence between its work plan and strategic priorities and the work of the Global Democracy Coalition through joint advocacy and sessions and consultations linked with the UCLG World Congress in Daejeon in October 2022.