UCLG expresses its condolences to the people of Indonesia


In the aftermath of the terrible series of earthquakes and a tsunami on the island region of Sulawesi in Indonesia on Friday 29th September, which killed more than 800 people and caused massive damage to infrastructure, including to roads, schools and government offices as well as thousands of homes, UCLG and its members around the world would like to express their sympathy and solidarity with the people of Indonesia.

At this difficult moment, all members of the UCLG network stand by the people of Indonesia. We hope that the country recovers as quickly as possible from the consequences of the disaster and that normal life for citizens can be re-established in the affected zones.

The world secretariat is already in contact with its members in Indonesia through UCLG-ASPAC, and the UCLG Working Group on the Territorial Prevention and Management of Crises is exploring how to best support the affected local governments. We will keep informed of any requests for specific support.

International call for solidarity with Indonesia

The UCLG ASPAC Regional Section and the UCLG Taskforce for Territorial prevention and management of crisis, chaired by the city of Geneva, launch an international appeal to local authorities through UCLG.

Read the call.