UCLG celebrates the work of the 5th WUF and invites future political leaders of cities to Mexico City this November


Press release

Barcelona, 29th March. United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), representing its local government members, praises the quality of the debates held throughout the 5th World Urban Forum, organized by UN-Habitat, which drew to a close on 27th of March.

UCLG is pleased to observe that the point of view of international institutions and experts has undergone fundamental evolution: urban areas are no longer considered a problem which needs to be solved but as the source from which to draw solutions.

This change of perspective is clearly visible in the World Bank’s Urban Strategy, to whose definition UCLG has contributed. It is to some extent confirmed by initiatives launched in Rio, in particular the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign, in whose steering committee UCLG has participated, and in the agreement reached on the establishment of a common method for cities to assess their CO² emissions. UCLG and its members will contribute actively to achieving the aims set out, building on their existing local government networks.

The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders – III UCLG World Congress, in Mexico City, 17-20 November, will be the occasion on which local government leaders from across the world affirm the contribution of cities and urban areas to creating a better world.

Working together and in concertation, they will address the global political issues on which governance and local decisionmaking can have a positive influence. The Summit will also be the moment to take a critical look at the projects carried out at the global governance level and to contribute ideas on their implementation and interest.


About UCLG. Founded in May 2004, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) is the united voice and world advocate of democratic local self-government. Based in Barcelona, UCLG is the largest local government organization in the world. Representing over half the world’s population, the cities and association members of UCLG are present in 136 UN Member States across seven world regions – Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Eurasia, Middle East and West Asia, Latin America and North America. Over 1000 cities are direct members of United Cities and Local Governments, as well as 112 national associations which represent all the cities and local governments in a single country.



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