UCLG agenda on intermediary cities: Open to contributions


During 2013, the UCLG Urban Strategic Planning Committee has organized and promoted the discussion amongst local leaders, practitioners, experts and development partners on planning and financing for the future of Intermediary Cities. The results of the discussions and activities have been gathered in a “Frame Document”.

More than 50% of the urban population lives in cities with less than 1 million inhabitants, which represent a unique link between rural and urban areas. They are now widely known as Intermediary Cities.

An important part of the membership of UCLG is composed of Intermediary Cities which are facing important changes linked with urban growth, regionalization and metropolization. Their technical needs are changing and so are the expectations of their population. The new development agenda will need to take into account these actors that have always been instrumental for development and innovation but that are now increasing in numbers. 

The UCLG Governing Bodies agreed to explore policy on this field through relevant committees and partners.

The feedback received from members will be integrated in the Frame Document which will need to lead to a policy agenda and support our inputs to the Post 2015 and Habitat Agenda from an Intermediary Cities Perspective. 

This document is open to your feedback until the 5th of December at: [email protected], with copy to: [email protected]. Documentation on case studies and practices are also welcome. 

For more information on the activities, forums and online platforms that were mobilized in 2013, consult recent publications: “The Power of I-cities” and Southern African Intermediary Cities Exchange.