Three policy papers adopted by the Executive Bureau of UCLG


The Executive Bureau held in Mexico saw the adoption of the three policy papers on three different policy areas: culture, strategic planning and human rights in the city.

First of the three documents, the Policy Statement on Culture establishes culture as the “fourth pillar of sustainable development”. This policy statement is the result of a longstanding work led by the UCLG Committee on Culture, on the basis of the UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity (2001) and the Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005). It allows developing a fourth dimension to the three already existing pillars: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental balance.

Also approved by the members of the UCLG Executive Bureau, the Policy Paper on Urban Strategic Planning affirms that it is necessary to increasingly recognize the role that local governments play in shaping urban development across the world. The document is the result of a broad consultation process among the UCLG membership and builds on the hands on expertise of more than 50 emblematic cities from many continents. It addresses concrete recommendations for cities, national governments, UCLG partners and international institutions.

Eventually, with the support of local authorities from around the world, and over a period spanning five years, a Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City was developed and now adopted. It aims at encouraging the implementation of local policy promoting respect for human rights and it allows cities and their citizens to build together the city of tomorrow, ready to face an ever more globalized world.