The UCLG Campaign for an Urban Goal in SDGs reaches more than 130 supports


UCLG has launched an Awareness Campaign for a Stand-Alone Urban Goal which aims at influencing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process to acknowledge local and regional governments as a specific sphere of government and as key actors of development, building on their proven contribution to innovative solutions addressing global and local challenges.

With this in mind, UCLG will show the wide support from local and regional authorities and their partners to sustainable urbanization before States and the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon. With this aim in mind, more than 140 signatures have been gathered from local and regional leaders, local government associations and their working partners from over 40 countries, with more joining every day.

The signatures will be delivered in the framework of Sustainable Cities Days, a preparatory meeting to be held in UN New York headquarters, on December the 13th previous to the Seventh session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals to be held from 6th to 10th January 2014.

As example of the diverse support received we can mention, the cities of Amman, Beirut, Dakar, Máximo Paz, Praia, Kazan, Ouagadougou, Bogotá, Barcelona, Quito and regions like Ile de France and Ducze. Local and regional government associations and networks such as the Network of Local Elected Women of Africa (REFELA) and the National Association of Municipalities of Bulgaria have also joined the campaign. With extensive support from across South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East and from partner institutions, this important campaign seeks to influence the SDG process.


An urban goal would not only be directed at cities but would entail a territorial approach, with due consideration to regional and rural-urban linkages. Therefore, the Urban Goal would aim at:

1- Educate and focus attention on urgent urban challenges and opportunities to reduce growing inequalities in urban areas, protect the environment and ensure resilience.

2- Mobilize and empower all urban actors around practical problem solving, enhancing the participation of urban stakeholders.

3- Promote integrated and innovative infrastructure design and service delivery to address the specific challenges of urban poverty and access to infrastructure, particularly for slum dwellers.

4- Promote urban and land use planning for more efficient spatial management and innovative infrastructure design and service delivery.

5- Ensure resilience to climate change and disaster risk reduction.

6- Promote inclusive and participatory governance built from the bottom up and taking into account social and cultural realities and demands.

The Local and Regional Governments Campaign is complementary to the initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network initiative called “Why the world needs an urban sustainable development goal” which is indeed being supported by key partners of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, such as UN Habitat, Cities Alliance and ICLEI.

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