The Power of We takes off as UCLG migrates to its new portal on the occasion of our annual Retreat





The UCLG Retreat is the space in which the World Organization celebrates the foundations of our collective power and brings the network together. The first day of the Retreat stayed true to this purpose, celebrating the foundations of our collective power and presenting the renewed portal of UCLG, the “Power Of We”. The new face of UCLG to the world and connect them with the different parts of our network to enhance our collective intelligence, energy and capacity of action in the way forward.


The “Power of We” is the way in which the municipal movement can stick together and unfold the Pact for the Future, to develop the narrative needed to ensure that the Pact makes a difference in people’s lives, and in the day-to-day work of local and regional governments.

The new Power of We portal was presented during the Retreat. The narrative around the “Power of We” builds on the display of local and regional governments, and brings together the work of the entire World Organization into a portal. It does so by showcasing the added value of municipalities and the transformative potential of city-to-city diplomacy and of local action to achieve the global development agendas, caring for people and our planet with our governments.

Pedro Bravo, journalist, writer and communications consultant specializing in urban, social and environmental narratives, has accompanied the World Organization in developing the narrative and the background for the Power of We, and took the stage in this session to present his experience with UCLG as an “outsider” for the movement, highlighting how the story that the municipal movement is building, and the way in which they work together in spite of differences, is the key to stopping polarization, by bringing together cities and territories from all over the world with a single drive.

 “Through the Power of We, We Care, and thus We Act, We Meet, We Advocate, We Listen, We Research, and We Learn: for people, for the planet, for governments” Emilia Saiz, UCLG Secretary General