The city of Matola elected as new presidency of the OIDP


The city of Matola (Mozambique) was elected as the new city that holds the presidency of IOPD and that will organize the 16th IOPD Conference during the General Assembly of IOPD members held in the city of Madrid (Spain) on March 25.

Matola (Mozambique) is a city ​in the Maputo province with around 900,000 inhabitants​. It has ha​d​ an elected local government since 1998. ​D​uring the International Observatory of Participatori Democracy (IOPD) ​General Assembly held in the city of Madrid (Spain) on 25​ ​March​, Matola was elected ​to hold the ​Presidency of the IOPD. As ​the ​new ​P​residency, Matola will organize the 16th IOPD Conference.

The Mayor of Matola Mr. Calisto Cossa presented the project for the 2016 presidency, with the ambition to celebrate for the first time in Africa an IOPD Conference. Mr. Costa exposed the social, economic and political progress is living Mozambique, and the importance of holding a Congress as a way to show the development, also the field of citizen participation. The other cities interested in the presidency of the International Observatory on Participatory Democracy withdrew his candidacy, so the city of Matola was elected unanimously by the members present at the General Assembly of the IOPD. 

The delegation of Maputo who was also present at the Assembly showed his support for the project, and announced the collaboration to develop the Conference. Other members of the IOPD also showed their willingness to work for the organization of the event and welcomed the election of the Mozambican city.

It is planned that the 16th IOPD Conference will be held during the month of June 2016.

Source: International Observatory of Participatory Democracy