The BRLC training workshop


The BRLC E-commerce Training Workshop officially kicked off

The BRLC E-Commerce Training Workshop, jointly hosted by the UCLG-ASPAC Committee on the Belt and Road Local Cooperation (abbreviated as BRLC) and UCLG-ASPAC Secretariat, officially kicked off with an opening ceremony on May 7th.

The training workshop is implemented by Alibaba Business School,  and has enrolled almost 40 trainees coming from 15 different countries, such as  Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Finland, Bolivia, and so on. The trainees are either policy makers for E-commerce or engaging in the E-commerce business.

Mr. Li Qiangyu, Deputy Secretary General of Hangzhou Municipal Government and Mr. Huang Lei, Senior Director of Alibaba group delivered inaugural speeches during the opening ceremony on the morning of May 7th.

After the opening ceremony, Mr. Brian Wong, the Vice-President Global Initiatives of Alibaba Group conducted the first lecture: “E-Commerce, Make it easy to do Business Anywhere”. The trainees interacted actively and engaged in heated discussions. After class, the trainees visited the Alibaba Exhibition Hall.


The BRLC training workshop smoothly concluded

On the afternoon of 9th May, the three-day BRLC training workshop came to a satisfactory conclusion with a simple but ceremonious closing ceremony held in Alibaba Xixi Campus. Mr.Dong Zude,  Director of Foreign & Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government, Secretary General of UCLG-ASPAC Committee on the Belt & Road Local Cooperation(abbreviated as BRLC), and Mr. Huang Lei, Senior Director of Alibaba Group, attended the ceremony and issued certificate of completion to every trainee.

During the workshop, Mr.Brian Wong, the Vice-President Global Initiatives of Alibaba Group lectured on new development opportunities eWTP brings about;  Mr. Shi Huangkai, Deputy Director of China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area Steering Committee delivered a detailed introduction on the practice and institutional innovation of cross-border E-commerce development in Hangzhou; expert lecturers from Tmall Global, Cainiao Network,Ant Financial and Fliggy analyzed the ecosystem of E-commerce from different perspectives; Representatives from sing*, Semir, and mistine shared with trainees the real success stories of global ecommerce. Apart from in class curriculum, trainees also went on study tours to Hangzhou Cross-border TradingTown, Hangzhou HEMA Supermarket and Jiaxing Cainiao Warehouse and gained first-hand knowledge of convenience and high efficiency brought by cross border ecommerce, new retail mode, mobile payment and smart logistics.

Trainees benefited immensely from the carefully designed curriculum, and were deeply impressed by the in-depth study tours. Mr.Marcelino Pandin, Policy Advisor of UCLG-ASPAC said that his deepest impression of the program can be summarized into three key words: inspiration, innovation and institution. Alibaba Group was inpiring and innovative on how to benefit from digital platform and take advantage of E-commerce to create the inclusive economy. This workshop was very educational and informative through sharing the good experience of Alibaba. Mr.Juha Ala-Mursula, Directors General of Oulu Business, Finland said that the training program was very well organized, and incorporated real cases which could be valuable references for the trainees to understand fully Hangzhou’s experience in developing E-Commerce. There were many SMEs in Oulu, which can surely benefit a lot from the new retail model of Alibaba platform. The training workshop was a huge success, and Oulu wishes to have more in-depth and expansive cooperations with Hangzhou via the platform of BRLC. The other trainees also expressed their deep satisfaction for this training workshop. They cordially thanked BRLC for the efforts in organizing the activity. They expressed their commitment of more involvement and anticipation to attend the future activities the Committee would launch. 

Sustained and insightful interaction and amicable communication forged deep bonds and greatly promoted the cross-border friendship. In class, trainees actively engaged and the atmosphere was lively and enthusiastic. Outside the class, trainees opened up and interacted warmly with each other. The three-day program has struck up lifelong friendship among trainees and also left deep and fond feelings towards Hangzhou.