The AIMF highlights the importance of city diplomacy in times of crisis


The 32nd General Assembly of the International Association of Francophone Mayors opened this morning in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, with the presence of the President of the Republic Mr Alassane Ouatara and with the participation of many representatives from the Ivory Coast and abroad. The main topic of the assembly, “intercultural dialogue and peace” was hailed by the four speakers: the President of the Republic, the Governor or Abidjan Mr Robert Beugré Nambe, the EU Ambassador Mr Thierry de Saint-Maurice and the AIMF President Mr Bertrand Delanoë, in a country that has known several years of political and social crisis. The President of the Republic underlined the diplomacy of towns and cities and the key role local and regional authorities have in maintaining dialogue in a divided country. It was also highlighted, in particular by the EU Ambassador, the substantial nature of the decentralization and its reinforcement in accompanying the economic development process. 

The assembled AIMF office approved the new direction of the Association:
President, Mayor of Paris

Secretary General, Mayor of Dakar
Treasurer, Mayor de Casablanca
The Vice-Presidents are the Mayors of Brazzaville, Beirut, Liege, Quebec and the Governor of Abidjan.