Resolutions Africa / Marrakesh 2014 Conference


The Marrakesh City Council, the FMDV and UCLG Africa will organize the REsolutions Africa / Marrakesh 2014 Conference, which will be held the11th and 12th December, 2014 in Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco.

The Marrakesh City Council, the FMDV and UCLG Africa will organize the REsolutions Africa / Marrakesh 2014 Conference, which will be held the11th and 12th December, 2014 in Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco. Dans un contexte d’urbanisation galopante, avec 1.26 milliards d’urbains prévus en 2030, soit plus d’un africain sur deux, les organisateurs de cette conférence convoquent les collectivités locales et l’ensemble de leurs partenaires pour créer aujourd’hui les opportunités de financement des villes africaines de demain. 

In a constantly urbanized world, African cities will be home to 1.26 billion city dwellers by 2030. Hence, Africa offers the greatest potential of urbanization worldwide. From this perspective, the organizers of the conference are convening African Local Authorities and all their partners to create today the opportunities to finance the African cities of tomorrow. 

Therefore, the aim of the Conference in Marrakesh is to stimulate exchanges between the diverse stakeholders, in order to go beyond the existing findings and wishes and to move towards principles and proposals for actions, as well as commitments.

The organizers, as a result, are putting a great emphasis on the sharing of interrogations and experiences in order to create appropriate responses adapted to the African diverse contexts. That is why; the Marrakesh City Council, the FMDV and UCLG Africa are expecting that the conference will achieve: 

  • Promoting a shared vision of the diagnosis concerning both structure and conditions associated to the financing of African cities ​

  • Encouraging the emergence of strategic alliances in order to offer adequate and sustainable solutions for the financing of African cities, consistently with the socio-political and economic context of the continent, and with due consideration to the international financial environment evolution

  • Suggesting a realistic continental strategy based on the different stakeholders’ commitments to work together implementing the necessary partnerships able to mobilize financing for the African cities; considering the challenges linked to the continent’s rapid urbanization 

  • Presenting examples of solutions and best practices in order to inspire other stakeholders 

  • Providing a meeting space dedicated to policy makers, provider of operational solutions, and economic/financial leaders, in order to conclude business and financial partnerships.

Source: Section Africa UCLG Africa