Post 2015 HLP calls for renewed global partnership at all levels


The UN HLP Post 2015 met in Bali, Indonesia on 25-27 March to continue the work commissioned by the United Nations Secretary General to recommend an ambitious yet achievable framework for the world’s post-2015 development agenda. The Bali meeting focused on how to build a global partnership and means of implementation for the development agenda.

The Panel highlighted the importance of an open, transparent and inclusive process that seeks global ownership of a shared development agenda and identified therefore the need to Foster the creation of a renewed Global Partnership that “enables a transformative, people-centered and planet-sensitive development agenda which is realized through the equal partnership of all stakeholders. Such partnership should be based on the principles of equity, sustainability, solidarity, respect for humanity and shared responsibilities in accordance with respective capabilities.

The final communiqué of the meeting in Bali acknowledges the need to promote partnerships at all levels to develop a single and coherent post-2015 development agenda that integrates economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

It called for partnerships that will strengthen societies and protect human rights.  It acknowledges that “Enhanced and scaled up models of cooperation among all levels of governments, the private sector, and civil society at the global, regional, national, and sub-national levels will be needed.

The views of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments for Post 2015 and towards Habitat III reflected in the statement accessible here were distributed among the HLP members.

Besides the above mentioned need to act and involve all levels of government another important acknowledgement was made calling for local data to be gathered and taken into account in decision making.

The HLP will present its report to the Secretary General at the end of May. The Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments will meet on this occasion at the UN Headquarters on 28 May to present the sub national perspective to the Post 2015 agenda.

Local and Regional Governments organizations have created a Global Taskforce in order to build a joint strategy to contribute to the international policy making debates within the framework of the Post 2015, Rio+20 and towards Habitat III.

The Taskforce aims at representing the world-wide municipal movement which is celebrating its hundred years in 2013 and has representation in all the countries of the world. Launched in December 2012 at the accession of the Africities Summit in Dakar, the first meeting of the Taskforce took place in Istanbul 19-20 March.