Open letter: Call for respect of human rights and all lives


We local and regional governments have to unite against hate speech and violence. In cities we respect human rights and we foster peace”. Mohamed Boudra, Mayor of Alhoceima, President of AMPCC and President of UCLG 

Cities want the lives of all people to be protected, without distinction. We want to help the United Nations fulfil its mandate and we offer to help achieve these goals”. Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and UCLG Special Envoy to the United Nations 

We are witnessing, with great sadness, a population terrorised, among them children, by gunfire and by the dangerous manoeuvres of boats that should instead be seeking their salvation. We are receiving constant reports of attacks on aid workers and journalists. In short, we are witnessing a concerning lack of respect for the fundamental principles included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the Geneva Convention.

Cities, and local and regional governments seek peace and want all human lives to be protected and respected. We also call for the international agreements to be met. We are an organized constituency, ready to contribute to the shared objectives of the United Nations.

The cities, local and regional governments, and their associations, that are members of UCLG are at the full service of the UN, and we convey our willingness to find a way out of this tragedy that is claiming the lives of innocent people. Cities and local governments have repeatedly shown their solidarity and capacity to seek alternative measures to assume responsibility for the situation faced by certain states.

We call for the human rights of all these men, women and children to be guaranteed, respected and protected first and foremost. 

We stand together to face and counteract the hate speech and hate driven actions everywhere.

We also call for a supportive and coherent response, and for a articulated dialogue with the cities and territories at the frontline which, once again, must face the emergency situation of welcoming displaced populations with limited resources.

The UCLG Presidency remains at your disposal for any support you might need and we take this opportunity, dear Secretary General, to reiterate the expression of our highest consideration.