Maputo Peer Learning event focuses on Urban informality in cities


Maputo City, UCLG Committee of Urban Strategic Planning, eThekwini municipality through MILE, Durban NGO Asiye Etafuleni, Brazilian cities and the ILO, organized and are currently holding a peer learning event on “the conditions of informal vendors in the city“. This event brought together invited Mozambican cities, international networks, organizations, NGO´s and government institutions to debate on the current situation of the informal economic sector in Maputo and how to improve it in terms of health and social vulnerability. The ILO is presenting a recent study on this topic and the other cities will provide recommendations based on their experience and take home the solutions and proposals to consider implementation in their own situation.

Additionally to intensive information sharing, the cities will be involved in active peer learning with formal and informal vendors in the markets to provide hands-on advice to apply practices. Finally, a roadmap for south-south mentoring  will be designed and possibly implemented through the UCLG partnerships and EU project recently approved for funding and to be executed in the upcoming 28 months. 

Stay tuned for upcoming news about outcomes and updates on this and future initiatives of the USP Committee.