Mandela: UCLG pays homage to the symbolic figure of Human Rights


To mark the occasion of the World Day of Human Rights and in reaction to the disappearance of Nelson Mandela, United Cities and Local Governments pays homage to this visionary who demonstrated extraordinary intuition in the battle for protection and the promotion of human rights. He will remain in our memories as someone who dedicated his life to Human Rights, racial equality, democracy and social justice. He demonstrated that the road to recovering human rights can be peaceful. 

UCLG, touched by the loss of this symbolic figure of peace, acknowledgment his combat for social justice and the combat against all forms of racism and exclusion.

On this day that marks the twentieth anniversary of the Day of Human Rights UCLG would like to pay homage to the great moral qualities of Nelson Mandela and to the political courage he demonstrated throughout his long life combatting racism and discrimination and building the rainbow nation.

20 years of work for your rights is the central topic of this International Day. 20 years ago, Mandela became the first black President of South Africa to lead his country towards democracy, winning the respect of the international community for his national and international reconciliation policy.

All members of United Cities and Local Governments from all parts of the world, pay respect to his combat and his memory, and today show solidarity to the people of South Africa.

ngiyabonga siyakubonga madiba!