Jury of experts evaluates the proposals of the new METROPOLIS Initiatives


With the submission of 16 proposals from Agra, Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Île-de-France (Paris),Johannesburg, Mexico City, Rosario, São Paulo State, Santiago de Chile and the Kreanta Foundation.

With the submission of 16 proposals from Agra, BarcelonaBerlinBogotáBuenos AiresÎle-de-France (Paris),JohannesburgMexico CityRosarioSão Paulo StateSantiago de Chile and the Kreanta Foundation, the selection process for the new METROPOLIS Initiatives is now underway. The jury of experts has started evaluating the projects, which are related to the themes of governance, socioeconomic inclusion, urban innovation and sustainability, and suggest the collaboration with other cities, private firms, civil-society organisations and academic institutions.

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The selected initiatives will start in 2015, after approval by the Board of Directors at the 11th METROPOLIS World Congress in Hyderabad. The submitted proposals show the maturity of METROPOLIS Initiatives, which since 2012 have delivered results thanks to a series of shared experiences. They have enabled guidelines for collaborative work to be promoted among Metropolis members and have led to the implementation of outstanding actions to improve the management of our metropolises.

The METROPOLIS Initiatives have therefore become an instrument that has already demonstrated its ability to generate high-value projects not only for our association, but also for the international community as a whole.

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Source: Metropolis