Global Survey on Accessibility and Engagement of Persons with Disabilities


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About the Survey

In line with UCLG’s commitments to an equitable care agenda, and in partnership with the World Blind Union, we have developed this Global Survey on Accessibility and the Engagement with Persons with Disabilities

Purpose of the survey

This survey has been developed as a direct response to the policy brief Localization to Solve the Accessibility Crisis: Recommendations to States Parties for Immediate Action to solve the accessibility crisis”, and is a tool for local and regional governments to map out and inform inclusive local practices by understanding how accessibility and the engagement with organizations of persons with disabilities are addressed by local and regional governments (LRGs).

The estimated time to complete the survey is between  20-40 minutes

Safety and Confidentiality:

By taking part in this survey, you are consenting to your data being collected by UCLG and WBU, which will be kept confidential at all times. Whilst general findings may be shared with UCLG members and in official reports and advocacy materials, full anonymity is guaranteed. UCLG & WBU will ensure that data is collected, stored, and processed with the appropriate levels of sensitivity

We hope you can take the time to be part of this initiative, as your insights will play a vital role in understanding how local and regional governments address accessibility and engagement with persons with disabilities; a critical step towards cities and territories for all.

If you have any questions or any Assistance and support: Please contact [email protected].

Fill in the survey and join the movement towards Cities for All!

Please download the Survey Authorization Form before to starting the survey