Franco-Tunisian meetings on Decentralized Cooperation


Over 300 representatives from Tunisian and French local and regional authorities took part in the meetings on decentralized cooperation that took place in Monastir on the 8 and 9 November.

These two friendly encounters were the occasion for French local and regional authorities to reaffirm their support in the democratic process and reforms in Tunisia. They also expressed the desire to have decentralized cooperation contribute to the development of territories and accompany Tunisian local and regional authorities in the ownership of their competencies by favouring exchanges of knowledge. From their side, Tunisian local and regional authorities supported the implementation of decentralized cooperation with their French counterparts in various domains of local management. Including in the draft constitution the possibility for “local authorities to create exchanges and cooperate in order to carry out programmes of public interest” is a good opportunity to consolidate decentralization and deconcentration.  

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