Cities Alliance Annual Meetings, Mumbai, India


The Cities Alliance Annual Meetings shall this year be taking place in Mumbai, India, from 18 to 21 January.

Participants shall have the opportunity to hear about urban policies currently underway in India, featuring concrete examples and a special emphasis on the megalopolis hosting them. Among others, one presentation will be made by the All India Institute of Local Self Government.

The Annual Meetings also constitute the occasion for deciding the Cities Alliance work plan for the coming year. This includes the review and evaluation of the results of programmes already underway and of progress in the implementation of the strategy defined by its Executive Committee, which is chaired by United Cities and Local Governments for the period 2008-2011.

Metropolis, the metropolitan section of UCLG, shall on this occasion present their Global Fund for Cities Development to participants.The cities of Lilongwe and Johannesburg have also been invited to present the UCLG mentorship as an example for new modalities of cooperation.

Cities Alliance is a coalition of the principal international stakeholders (states and international institutions) and local governments (represented by UCLG and its metropolitan section, Metropolis). It aims to promote and reinforce best practice in the areas of poverty reduction and urban development. Cities Alliance also promotes the role of local governments in development and the positive outcomes of urbanization. Finally, it assists cities in developing sustainable financing strategies.

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Programme of Cities Alliance Meetings 18-19 January 2010