A stand-alone SDG makes Sense!


A stand-alone sustainable development goal would comply with paragraph 247 of the Rio Declaration, which underlines that goals should, “address and be focused on priority areas for the achievement of sustainable development”, and be, “global in nature, and universally applicable to all countries” according to Ronan Dantec, representive for UCLG and the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments at the 7th Session of the Open Working Group.

Such a Goal should not be limited to cities but would need to include cohesion and focus on reducing inequality and increasing participation.

An Urban SDG would involve civil society, communities and local governments, ensuring their full involvement and ownership in the new development agenda. Read the full speech of Ronan Dantec, UCLG Representative on Climate Change, speaking on behalf of the Global Taskforce and LGMA Major Group on 6th January in New York.