World Water Forum, Marseilles, 12-17 Mach 2012



As we approach the 6th World Water Forum co-organized by the French Government, the City of Marseilles and the World Water Council, we would like to inform you that the 14th and 15th of March will be dedicated to local and regional authorities.


As you know, at the 5th World Water Forum (Istanbul 2009), UCLG, ICLEI and the World Water Council worked together to mobilize over 250 elected officials from around the world to adopt the Istanbul Water Consensus, which a large number of you signed and some have already implemented. To date, more than 800 cities and regions have joined the Istanbul Water Consensus and we hope to obtain 1000 signatories for the 6th World Water Forum.


Being well aware of the future potential of the Istanbul Water Consensus and eager to increase its political significance, UCLG and the World Water Council would like to propose a policy preamble to the Consensus during the 6th World Water Forum.


To this end and to facilitate wider ownership of the Istanbul Water Consensus, we invite you to send us your proposals for amendments to the Consensus itself and also to share the strong political messages for Local and Regional Authorities that you want to convey at the 6th World Water Forum.


All your proposals for amendments and political messages should be sent to Ms. Celine Dubreuil ([email protected]) and Mr. Mohamed Boussraoui ([email protected]) by no later than 6 February 2012.


Please click here to access Istanbul Water Consensus and other documents of the Forum: