UN presents MY World campaign


United Nations and its partners have worked together to create MY World Campaign, a groundbreaking global survey which aims to encourage people to participate in the process of defining next goals for the end of poverty. From today, people around the world can enter www.myworld2015.org and vote for the changes that they consider important.

My World is a poll that asks people to vote sixteen subjects they think will make a difference in their lives. Topics range from the current Millennium Development Goals to sustainability, security, governance and transparency.

The first phase of My World has been completed and, today, everyone can access the site and vote priorities of the forthcoming international development agenda. The survey will also be available for mobile phones and paper ballots in late January 2013, to ensure maximum participation, particularly to bring this global debate to poor or digitally “disconnected” communities.

Since its adoption in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals have had a major impact on millions of people lifes. However, as 2015 is comming, it’s needed to work together to get an agreement establishing a framework for the development to generate progress and address the present challenges for many people on the planet.

My World is simply a gateway for citizens around the world to participate and make their voices heard on the priorities of post-2015 process, also offers the possibility of greater comprimiso through “World we want”.

The results of my world will be presented in the Secretary General High Level Panel on Post 2015 process, where world leaders will discuss the development agenda to be implemented from 2015.