UCLG is discussing the future agenda of Local and Regional Leaders World Summit ONLINE! JOIN US!


The Local and Regional Leaders World Summit, taking place in Mexico from 16-20 of November 2010 will be preceded by online discussions. The idea is to allow local and regional authorities and practitioners from different parts of the world to have a common place where they can raise questions, discuss issues, share experiences and work together to develop new knowledge.

A Summit should be an inclusive experience. It should gather thoughts and ideas from both UCLG members engaged in the work of the organization but also from a much broader audience that is equally interested in the work of local and regional governments around the world. In order to ensure this interaction, we are opening a series of on-line forums as part of the Summit’s website.

These forums will run from June until September 2010.

Weekly forums will deal with some of the topics that UCLG members have identified as important for the future agenda of local and regional authorities internationally. They have been organised under four categories, ’Promoting Innovation’, ’What should be the new Global Governance?’, ’The City in 2030’ and ’Climate Change and Local Governments’.

To know more about the Pre Summit Interactive Online Forums