UCLG in the Meeting of the Alliance of Civilizations on the Mediterranean Region


The Alliance of Civilizations, launched in 2005 by the former Secretary General of the United Nations and at the initiative of Turkey and Spain, aims to improve the comprehension and relations between Nations and Populations of different cultures and religions, and to contribute to reducing stigmatization and extremism.

Relative to the Mediterranean Region, the Alliance of Civilizations adopted in 2010 in Malta a Regional Strategy based on the objectives of this organization. Mr Josep Roig, Secretary General of UCLG, will take part in a meeting in Madrid on the 18th October 2012 that has four key objectives:  

  1. Half-way evaluation of the action plan for the Mediterranean adopted in 2011
  2. Launch of a debate on the new challenges in the Mediterranean
  3. Identification of the new action priorities concerning existing demands and needs that will be included in the next Action Plan 2013-2015
  4. Discussions on the follow-up means and mechanisms for the Action Plan

Relations between UCLG and the Alliance of Civilizations allow both organizations to share the same vision on strategies concerning strengthening ties between cultures, fighting extremism and reinforcing inclusion at local government level. These topics will hold an important place during the next World Congress in Rabat in October 2013 and also in the framework of the Mediterranean Forum organized by the Med Committee of UCLG in April 2013 in Marseille.