UCLG celebrates the International Human Solidarity Day “ Bridging the gaps to reach the MDGs”


On this day, the voice of local and regional governments, UCLG, reiterates its support for the principle of solidarity, both at international and subnational level. Solidarity must be built, not only between the rich and poor nations of the world, but also within countries and cities. Some of the greatest inequalities in the world today are found between the gated communities and informal settlements in the same cities.

The theme of International Human Solidarity Day for 2013 is ‘Bridging the Gaps to Reach the Millennium Development Goals’. Local and regional governments should be recognized as essential and instrumental partners in the eradication of poverty and the achievement of the MDGs. UCLG calls for an increased role for subnational governments in the definition of the Post-2015 Agenda, and for the localization of the targets and indicators of future development goals so that inequalities at subnational level can be effectively identified and tackled.

For more information please visit the United Nations website.