Take the Initiative! First meeting of the Metropolis Initiative on Metropolitan Governance


The first meeting of the Comparative Study on Metropolitan Governance, a Metropolis Initiative led by the Secretariat for Metropolitan Development in the State of São Paulo, with technical support from Empresa Paulista de Planificación Metropolitana SA (Emplasa), will take place in the city of São Paulo from 13 to 15 June. The meeting will compare the different strategies carried out by cities in relation to models of governance, and analyze how public-private relationships can determine the execution and financing of public and social policies in metropolitan areas. This Metropolis Initiative, approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting in Porto Alegre on 26 November 2011, proposes preparing a comparative study of the realities of metropolitan governance matters in a number of urban agglomerations. The analysis considers diverse factors, such as the definition of the agents of governance, the establishment of forms of financing, project responsibilities (from conception through to maintenance) and regulatory frameworks. The Initiative will involve case studies and feature a series of clear technical and policy recommendations to be promoted among Metropolis members.

The first Initiative meeting will launch this international discussion that will be carried out over three years, and we encourage all Metropolis members and partners to take part and share its experiences!

For further information about the meeting, documentation and how to participate and present case studies, visit the meeting’s webpage.

Source: Metropolis