Supporting City-to-City cooperation between Brazil and Mozambique


Over the past few years CityFuture, a partnership of the Cities Alliance, the Norwegian Government and UCLG, has enabled members in Africa and Latin America to engage in peer learning and South-South cooperation. The peer agenda and the outcomes in Southern Africa continue to attract more partners such as: the Brazilian Association FNP, International Labour Organization as well as several networks. Most notably, inter-regional peer work between Latin America and Africa has revealed huge potential for the developmental agenda.


As per the 2012 call for proposals, the European Commission has approved funding for developing activities under the City-to-City Action Learning Exchange between Brazil and Mozambique for improved urban management over the next 2 years. The project has been presented on behalf of the joint partnership between Frente de Prefeitos (national Brazilian association), the Local Authorities Association of Mozambique (ANAMM), the African Regional Section of UCLG (UCLGA), Architects Without Borders (ASF), the Network on Intermediary Cities (CIMES) and the UCLG World Secretariat in order to build proper support for city-to-city partnerships in 7 Mozambican and 5 Brazilian cities. 


The budget will be dedicated principally to technical assistance and exchange, monitoring and evaluation, communication and policy development. Currently in preparation, the first activities related to this project will be an inter-regional peer learning event in Maputo from 6 to 8 November and a networking event in Africities.