“Smart Cities Study 2021” just released!


At the UCLG Community of Practice of Digital Cities, which is chaired by the City of Bilbao, they have been working during the past months in the elaboration of the fourth edition of the “SMART CITIES SUDY 2021” which was officially presented during the World Congress held in November in Barcelona.

In this new edition 35 cities from 20 countries from Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia have participated, the largest participation achieved up to date for the elaboration of the study.

Taking into consideration the current world situation, this new edition focuses on a subject of great importance: the impact of COVID-19 on cities’ Smart resilience.

It aims to understand the pre-pandemic situation of cities, identifying their level of digitization and the “Smart” resources and tools they had. It analyses what impact the pandemic had on the different areas of local governance and what new “Smart” measures or tools were used to combat the negative consequences that were generated. Finally, the study determines to what extent these types of actions have served to increase the resilience of cities, and to assess the usefulness of the new measures and tools for combating future crises. It also seeks to promote the exchange of knowledge including best practices developed by the cities.

Now after all the work that has being done, we are glad to inform you that the study is available in Spanish and English.