Scaling Down of CSW 64 & cancellation of UCLG ́s delegation


The UN member States have decided to hold a one day scaled down session of CSW 64 on 9 March with only the participation of New York-based delegations due to the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

In the face of said news, UCLG wholly reiterates our commitment to participate in the discussions by whichever means possible. Our commitment to Gender Equality, and to representing the voice of all women and girls represented by the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments shall not be mitigated by these unfortunate events. The World Secretariat will still be working diligently next week to ensure the voices of our constituency are heard, to work on the agenda, and to disseminate the statement of the delegation which was slated to attend. The UN has announced just today that no temporary passes will be issued — stay tuned for more information.  

Mindful of the call of the UN Secretary General and the decision of the member States, the UCLG World Secretariat has decided to cancel the events set to be organized, in order to protect and safeguard the wellbeing of our delegation and staff.

The World Organization has expressed solidarity with the women’s groups calling for the postponement of the gathering, an option which was finally not retained. The World Organization will ensure its inputs to the Session through the submission of the Statement and will continue its active participation in Generation Equality through involvement in the coalitions due to be set up by UN Women. We will further also ensure participation from Local and Regional Governments in the Beijing+25 Fora in Mexico and Paris. 

Following the conversations held in Tangier UCLG ́s leadership confirms its commitment to this agenda and to fostering transformation and policy change through increased representation of women in local decision making and to make an impact in the role models that will be guiding the steps of the girls and boys of the future. We will continue to be in touch with other partners to ensure that the political agenda on equality remains as relevant as ever.

We stand in solidarity with all those affected with the Coronavirus and with the governments at all levels which are doing their best to control the spread of the virus. We assume our responsibility as global organization and commit to following the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO). We will keep members informed on the eventual impact on the rest of our agenda in the coming weeks and months.

The UCLG leadership and the World Secretariat remain available for any further consultation or additional information you might request.