PARTICIPATE: Sustainable Development Dialogues ON-LINE now OPEN


The Government of Brazil is convening a Sustainable Development Dialogue series with the aim to bring together civil society, the scientific community and academia to contribute ideas and suggestions on sustainable development. Conclusions and recommendations from the Dialogues will be conveyed to the heads of State and Government gathering in Rio June 20-22.


An open online platform is now operational. Facilitators from international academic and research institutions are leading online discussions on 10 themes identified as key to sustainable development.

1.    Food and nutrition security

2.    Sustainable development for fighting poverty

3.    Sustainable development as an answer to the economic and financial crises

4.    The economics of sustainable development, including sustainable patterns of production and consumption

5.    Sustainable cities and innovation

6.    Unemployment, decent work and migrations

7.    Energy

8.    Water

9.    Oceans

10. Forests

The top recommendations will be presented at the Sustainable Development Dialogues events to take place in Rio from 16 to 19 June, and to the Heads of State and Government at Rio+20 Conference itself. The Dialogues are already underway and will last until the start of June.

UCLG members are strongly encouraged to participate and to put forward the recommendations and message agreed by local and regional authorities over the past months. 


How to take part?

We encourage you to start posting your recommendations on sustainable cities and innovation and any other topics local and regional authorities are interested in. In a few days, members will begin voting on the ideas to be carried forward in the process, so post your recommendation early to increase the chances that others will read it and support it.

It is best to state your idea as clearly as possible, in brief, simple language that indicates what should be done and by whom. This will especially help in the final phase when the top recommendations from the Dialogues will go to public voting at the start of June.

We would also encourage you to invite others to join the space by directing them to where they can request an invitation to join the discussion.

This is a unique opportunity for you to directly contribute and influence the policy dialogue by sharing your expertise and suggestions to the historic Rio+20 conference. These online discussions are serving as a sounding board leading up to the Sustainable Development Dialogue panels that will be hosted by the Brazilian Government, from 16-19 June.


Once you have joined you have access to all the dialogues and you are encouraged to take part in discussions by posting recommendations and comments as well as sharing link to important documents by using the “add” function.

The virtual platform support English, French and Spanish and Portuguese speakers and offer instant translation.

Act Now: Click here for further instructions on how to join

For questions or technical support write to : [email protected]sitemap