ORU-FOGAR leads new section of UCLG


Since the creation of UCLG and as per its Constitution, the agenda has always aimed to be the agenda of all sub-national governments and representatives of local governments the world over, serving both rural and urban communities. Small, medium and large towns and metropolises and regions come together to voice their support for democratic local self-government, promoting its values, objectives and interests, through cooperation between local governments, and within the wider international community.

As a result of rapid urbanization processes, metropolization, and regionalization, local and urban links are an integral part of the UCLG’s agenda that fosters a broad territorial approach.

The agenda of regional authorities is unique and will now be given special and increased attention and visibility through a dedicated UCLG Section – the Forum of Regions – that will be led by the World Organization of Regions, ORU-FOGAR.

The President of ORU-FOGAR, Paul Carrasco, Prefect of Azuay, Ecuador, has become Vice-President of UCLG and during his appointment speech stated:

“Society needs to be built up from the community, with their full participation. There is a need for continued collaboration between all the spheres of government. New partnerships are needed to achieve this and the alliance between UCLG and ORU-FOGAR will be key in proposing a joint response to the global agenda aiming at improving the quality of life for all.”