Local governments towards the World Urban Forum


UN-Habitat jointly with the Italian hosts will celebrate the 6th Session of the World Urban Forum on 1-7 September in Naples.


The theme for this year’s Forum is The Urban Future. The topic will be addresses through 4 focused Dialogues:


1.  Urban Planning: Institutions and Regulations, including the improvement of Quality of Life

2.  Equity and Prosperity: Distribution of Wealth and Opportunities

3.  Productive Cities: Competitive and Innovative Cities

4.  Urban Mobility, Energy and Environment


The regular annual meeting of the United Nations Advisory Committee for Local Authorities (UNACLA), chaired by the President of UCLG Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul, will take place on Sunday 2 September. This meeting is by invitation and open only to members of the Committee. Should you be interested in attending, please contact the UCLG Secretariat.


In addition to the Dialogues, there will be specific meetings of particular relevance for the Local Governments Agenda:


· Mayors’ Round Table, Monday 3 September (UCLG co-organizing)

· Special Session on World Urban Campaign, Monday 3 September

· Special Session on South-South Cooperation, Tuesday 4 September

· Networking Side Event on Peer Exchange of City Leaders, Tuesday 4 September (UCLG Committee on Culture and Urban Strategic Planning co-organizing)

· Metropolises at Work: Governance, Finance and the Execution of Public Policies, Tuesday 4 September (organized by Metropolis)

· Special Session on Basic Services and Decentralization, Wednesday 5 September

· Gender and Women Round Table, Wednesday 5 September

· Special Session on Delivering the Urban Advantage, Thursday 6 September (UCLG co-organizing)


Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that other sessions of interest might take place.


Please click here to know the Local Governments Agenda at the WUF. Please click here to access the WUF Program at a Glance.


Please click here to register through the on-line registration on the WUF6 website.


Members planning to attend the 6th World Urban Forum, please complete the attached form detailing your period of stay and hotel accommodation. This will help the UCLG World Secretariat identifying speakers and coordinating activities of the local governments delegates during the Forum.


Please click on the links below to access the following documents:


Ø  Local Governments Agenda at the WUF

Ø  WUF Program at a Glance

Ø  UCLG Attendance Form for the WUF – CEMR members are requested to kindly inform the CEMR Secretariat as well.