Local authorities’ engagement in Rio+20 implementation


The Member States are currently working and negotiating, in the follow up of Rio+20 process, involving local and regional authorities. International Conferences and processes led by the United Nations are intergovernmental by nature as the only official actors of the UN international processes are the States. However, these processes increasingly involve non state actors’ participation through the Major Groups.

In the follow up of Rio+20 process, the implementation of the main outcomes of the Conference is made through two important mechanisms: The Open Working Group and the High Level Political Forum. These two mechanisms will also play a key role in the definition of the new development agenda and the Post 2015 policy. UCLG has been nominated as organizing partner of the Local Authorities Major Group (LAMG) for the Rio+20 Process (together with nrg4SD and ICLEI), as contact point between the Secretariat and the members of the constituency.

UCLG on behalf of the LAMG has prepared 3 statements to be conveyed to the Member States on Urbanization (population dynamics), Culture and Water and Sanitation. Other statements and interventions were delivered by ICLEI and nrg4SD. All statements are negotiated among the Secretariats of the three organizations and build on existing policy.

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Briefing on the Rio+20 follow up processes and Local authorities’ engagement