Launch of the Peer Learning Note 25: Urban Migration in the Mediterranean – Local Governments and Civil Society


Key Lessons from the peer learning in Sfax, Tunisia now available here.

Building synergies, creating bridges and sharing resources- these are the objectives for cooperation efforts in the inclusion of migrants and refugees. This requires trust between administrations and civil society, and experience shows that trust can be built on previous experiences and on successful practices of others. 

Those were some of the conclusions highlighted by the participants after the MC2CM peer-to-peer learning hosted by the city of Sfax in late June 2019. The learning event was full of well-articulated presentations and discussion of practical cases, including a peer visit to a local NGO working on the reception of migrants and the protection of their rights.

In this note, UCLG Learning has systematized relevant policy cases and feedback. The note also includes insights to the methodology of storytelling that created common empathy inviting the participants to reflect on the experience of migrants coming to a new place.

The peer learning note can serve as inspiration for other cities that are seeking to work better with civil society organizations and overcome some of the gaps that they are confronting, or to those joining the UCLG community of practice on migration.