IT IS TIME TO LEAD: Mayors for Climate Action! #Climate2014​


UCLG and other prominent members of the Global Taskforce are ready for a very active participation in the Climate Summit. A delegation led by President Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul and including Co-President Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris as well as the Mayor of Bogotá, Seoul , Santiago and many others.

UCLG and other prominent members of the Global Taskforce are ready to actively participate in the Climate Summit. A delegation led by President Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul, and including Co-President Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, as well as the Mayors of Bogotá, Seoul and Santiago, among many others, will present concrete commitments and reveal the policies that they think can deliver solutions for the global challenge of Climate Change.

The delegation will transmit a clear messageThe future of humanity relies on changing behavior and engaging citizens in the thinking around sustainable development.

We will need to create resilient communities to attend to the growing demands of people that have migrated to our cities looking for a better life,” says Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul.

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, will advocate that “financing cities properly” will be key to addressing climate change.

Mayor Gustavo Petro from Bogotá will make the case for “more human cities, shaped around the needs of the citizens that live in them and with universal basic service provision.

Besides actively participating in the activities developed within the context of the Local Governments Climate Roadmap facilitated by ICLEI, UCLG will focus on strengthening dialogue with other stakeholders, under the leadership of Senator Ronan Dantec, UCLG Spokesperson on Climate.

Over 20 organizations, including unions, farmers, the private sector and councils, have signed a joint statement expressing the conviction that:​ ​

“Multi-stakeholder inputs, including producing new knowledge, shaping public opinion, formulating policy options and multilevel actions, will be required to establish and implement an ambitious and legally-binding climate change agreement in 2015 in Paris. We will also need to drastically scale up initiatives from now until 2020 to bridge the mitigation and adaptation gap.”​

As the UN Secretary General puts it, there is a lot worth fighting for and it is time to LEAD. As a constituency, we are ready to contribute to Climate Action.