International Women’s Day: a local perspective


On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, United Cities and Local Governments celebrates the fact that women in decision making are key in creating local policies with a true gender equality perspective. They are the champions of local services that try to give equal access to men and women; as well as the right of both to influence in the definition, development, management and monitoring of the services, and at the same time considering women and men as equally responsible for matters related both to the family and to public life. 

We would like to extend greetings to all women elected to local and regional governments in the world that have understood this task and work everyday to empower women at the local level.  From our organization we reiterate our commitment to promote actions that seek to increase the participation of women in decision-making bodies at local and regional governments as means to achieve a more democratic and representative system.

With this in mind, it is a pleasure to inform that 500 women from across Africa and special guests from all continents are gathering in the city of Tangier, Morocco, for the First Forum of Local Elected Women in Africa. This meeting will have, among others, the following objectives:

  1. Identify the place and contribution of territorial and local authorities in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, in the African Continent, mainly Objective 3, related to the promotion of equality and empowerment of women;
  2. Provide a forum for local elected African women where they can highlight their achievements and uphold their rights, especially regarding good governance and sustainable human development;
  3. Provide a space for local elected African women to exchange and tackle specific problems they encounter while carrying out their missions as women leaders. 

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