Infographics to better understand local and regional governments’ concerns


As the celebration of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders and 4th UCLG Congress approaches and as the majority of local and regional elected representatives worldwide prepare to travel to Rabat, UCLG has created infographics on the main issues placed at the core of local and regional governments’ agenda.

With the purpose of representing the main trends for the future of the Towns, Cities and Regions  in relation to the contents and issues developed in the Manifesto for the City of 2030, UCLG has created infographics on the following topics: strategic urban planning, challenges of new urbanization, proximity government, resilience of cities and regions, and human rights.

UCLG encourages a careful reading of each of the following infographics that provides a quick but global glance of these issues that are both complex and inter-connected. A new section has been created on the UCLG website to host them and a summary can be found below:

Strategic planning

This infographic deliberates the importance of Strategic Planning and the role played by the local and regional level of governance in this process, opportunies and challenges.


This infographic explores the urban reality and the essential role played by local and regional authorities in this process with view to the future.

Proximity Government

Proximity government and the benefits of effective local level governance. This infographic demonstrates the key areas in which Proximity Government can and should be promoted.


What are the challenges for city resilience today? How are local governments addressing these issues? This infographic sets the scene to further explore the issue.

Human Rights

What do we understand by implementing human rights in the city? The infographic outlines some of the key issues and the way in which they concern the local and regional level.