Commitments of elected representatives on climate


Gathered on the initiative of the Mediterranean Commission of UCLG and the Intermediterranean Commission of the CPMR, the Méditerranean elected representatives have taken climate change commitments. Through their Declaration, they have contributed to the preparation of the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of Paris (COP 21) which will take place in December 2015.

Read the Declaration on Climate by Local and Regional Authorities in the Mediterranean.

In concrete terms, the elected representatives from more than 10 countries committed to act by :

  • Developing sustainable urban and integrated territorial development strategies focusing on the fight against urban sprawl as well as a sustainable management of transport;
  • Developing energy efficiency policies and coordinated regional strategies for the energy-efficient renovation of buildings in the Mediterranean basin;
  • Developing renewable energies, with particular focus on solar, biomass, and the emerging sector of marine energies, smart grids systems and low-carbon energy carreers;
  • Developing eco-neighbourhoods, green and blue corridors, public spaces
  • Structuring waste management sectors and their improvement;
  • Developing Integrated Coastal Zone Management strategies;
  • Developing strategies to reduce risks linked to disasters and resilience
  • Improving the sustainable management of water resources (quality, depuration, use, provision, price, technologies and innovative or traditional techniques);
  • Reinforcing local policies of citizen communication /information and engagement concerning these topics.
  • Providing resources for higher networking and knowledge sharing between sustainable development operators, scientists and community actors.
  • Strengthening the climate innovation capacities, by the means of cooperation, to provide locally targeted solutions addressing the challenges of climate change.

Please, click here to read the Declaration on Climate by Local and Regional Authorities in the Mediterranean.

Source: UCLG Mediterranean Interregional Committee