Call for respect of Human Rights


It is impossible to think of human rights without thinking of Martin Luther King. In data science without Alan Turing. In women’s rights without Emmeline Pankhurst. The struggle for human rights, as well as the advances of humanity, have historically taken place in cities and that is why UCLG reaffirms its commitment to their defense.


UCLG unreservedly condemns any law or act that incites discrimination -whether based on ethnicity, religion, gender or orientation-, inequality, hatred, or any initiative that goes against human rights in any way.


UCLG calls on its members to promote the protection of the rights of the most vulnerable people, so that their dignity, respect and security are assured at all times and in all places, thus affirming our resolute will to protect and promote our common humanity.


UCLG also reiterates its firm condemnation of the loss of rights suffered by women and girls when they are denied their fundamental right to education and security.


The future we want is one that places human rights at the center of our actions and policies, and where no one and no territory is left behind.


Download full declaration here.